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Teraa Freeze Dried Daphnia

Enhance your aquarium fish's diet with Teraa Freeze Dried Daphnia, a high-quality natural food source that provides essential nutrients for your aquatic pets. Ideal for freshwater and marine fish, this freeze-dried daphnia is a convenient and nutritious supplement that promotes vibrant colors and overall health.


  1. Nutrient-Rich: Packed with essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals to support healthy growth and development in fish.
  2. Natural Diet: Mimics the natural diet of fish, encouraging their natural feeding behavior and promoting optimal health.
  3. Convenient and Long-Lasting: Freeze-dried for easy storage and long shelf life without the need for refrigeration.
  4. Versatile Feeding: Suitable for a variety of fish species, including freshwater and marine fish, fry, and small to medium-sized fish.
  5. Enhances Color and Vitality: Regular feeding can help enhance the vibrant colors and vitality of your fish.
  6. Easy to Use: Simply rehydrate the daphnia in aquarium water for a few minutes before feeding, ensuring your fish receive the maximum nutritional benefits.

Care Instructions:

  • Feeding Frequency: Feed 2-3 times daily, providing only as much as your fish can consume within a few minutes to avoid overfeeding and water contamination.
  • Storage: Keep the container tightly sealed and store it in a cool, dry place to maintain freshness and nutritional value.
  • Hydration: Rehydrate the freeze-dried daphnia in a small amount of aquarium water for a few minutes before feeding to ensure easy consumption and digestion by your fish.

By incorporating Teraa Freeze Dried Daphnia into your fish's diet, you can ensure they receive the necessary nutrients for a healthy and vibrant life.

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