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Hikari Marine A -110G
Rs.871/- Rs.600/-
Offering a sponge-like texture that duplicates foods these fish would be feeding on in the wild. The scientifically formulated nutrient mix offers usable color enhancing ingredients that will have you..
Hikari Marine S -50G
Rs.531/- Rs.385/-
Marine -S™ is formulated to help improve metabolic action while enhancing the brilliant colors you bought your marine fish for, helping them look their best. Our oxygen barrier bag helps lock in the n..
Hikari Marine Seaweed Extreme-Small Pellets -100G
The world's first pellet for marine fish that offers an extreme amount of natural algaes. With more than 67% algae, this pellet is devoured by any marine herbivore as soon as it hits the water. Gone a..
Northfin – Marine -250G
NorthFin’s Marine Formula offers your marine fish maximum nutrition. A perfect balance of organic kelp and whole Antarctic krill meal allow your marine fish to easily digest the food while efficiently..
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