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Hikari Hi-Growth Large Pellet -2Kg
A powerful, supplemental diet, scientifically formulated to rapidly promote championship form in koi. This unique nutrient mix, balanced in such a way as to improve utilization is full of proteins, vi..
Hikari Koi/Gold Fish Staple Mini Pellet -2Kg
Hikari® Staple™ is an economical, daily diet for koi as well as other pond fishes. It contains all the basic nutrition your fish need to live a long and health-filled life. High in stabilized vitamin ..
Hikari Koi/Goldfish Gold Medium -2Kg
Hikari® Gold® is a daily diet, built upon decades of koi breeding and showing experience to meet the nutritional needs of koi while offering that desirable Japanese form. We use the highest grade of i..
Saki Hikari Growth Floating Med. Pellet -2Kg
A floating daily diet intended to help develop rapid growth and traditional form in koi. This probiotic enhancing diet should be your first choice if you typically encounter koi that just missed that ..
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