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Hikari Discuss Biogold -1Kg
Rs.11,897/- Rs.10,469/-
Scientifically formulated for discus, taking into account their need for higher protein levels. Additionally, discus are known to be finicky eaters by nature. The Discus Bio-Gold® granule has been man..
Hikari Food Sticks -1Kg
Rs.6,702/- Rs.5,898/-
Food Sticks™ are a complete, scientifically formulated nutrient mix, developed for top-feeding carnivorous fish whose main diet of live food tends to cause nutritional deficiencies. Using Food Sticks™..
Hikari Massivore Delight -1Kg
Rs.7,688/- Rs.6,765/-
A scientifically blended nutrient mix specifically for larger carnivorous fish who tend to avoid feeding from the top of the aquarium. This highly flavorful diet offers excellent growth and desirable ..
Hikari Tropical Algae Wafers -1Kg
Rs.5,060/- Rs.4,453/-
Hikari® Tropical Algae Wafers™ were specifically developed for the hard to feed plecostomus and other algae eating bottom feeders. Accept no substitutes, request the first and finest disc shaped diet ..
Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets -1Kg
Rs.8,378/- Rs.7,373/-
Small pellets designed specifically for smaller-mouth fishes, providing them superior nutrition with excellent digestibility. The micro-coating maintains nutrient integrity while the nutrition packed ..
Hikari Vibra Bites -1Kg
Rs.7,025/- Rs.6,182/-
Another Hikari® world first, a blood-worm-like stick that offers outstanding nutrition and color enhancing capacity you have to see to believe. An outstanding addition to any daily feeding plan, this ..
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