Northfin – Arowana Formula-250G
NorthFin’s Arowana Formula is specifically made to intensify your Arowana’s colours. Large portions of whole Antarctic krill are used to produce these floating Arowana sticks, making it irresistible t..
Northfin – Betta Bits -20G
NorthFin’s Betta Bits are perfectly sized for feeding your elegant Betta warrior. These floating pellets are packed with marine protein and carry no filler ingredients, making it easier to digest. Thi..
Northfin – Chichild Formula -100G
NorthFin’s Cichlid Formula is specifically made to naturally enhance your fishes’ well-being and colours. Without the use of unnecessary colour additives or fillers, your cichlids can easily digest an..
Northfin – Community Formula -100G
NorthFin’s Community Formula offers a perfect combination of whole Antarctic krill meal, high DHA Omega-3 whole herring meal and Organic kelp in every pellet. Omega-3 fatty acids from the herring help..
Northfin – Fry Starter Food -50G
NorthFin’s Fry Starter is pure 100% Whole Antarctic Krill Meal made into a 250-micron powder which allows the fry fish to easily eat the food. Antarctic krill is one of the best quality protein source..
Northfin – Gold Fish-100G
NorthFin’s Goldfish Formula offers your goldfish the nutrition they need to have a stable and healthy life. Since Goldfish are primarily herbivore fish, NorthFin ensures it uses Organic Kelp as its pr..
Northfin – Krill Gold-20G
With 85% whole Antarctic krill meal used as its main ingredient, Krill Gold/Pro Formula is the best natural colour-enhancing supplement. Feeding NorthFin’s unique filler-free formulas daily, together ..
Northfin – Marine -250G
NorthFin’s Marine Formula offers your marine fish maximum nutrition. A perfect balance of organic kelp and whole Antarctic krill meal allow your marine fish to easily digest the food while efficiently..
Northfin – Super Betta Formula-10G
Super Betta is a powerful 85% compact krill pellet that offers your Betta fish natural carotenoids that allows their bodies and fins to rapidly develop vibrant colours. Super Betta is rich in protein,..
Northfin – Tropical Sticks -250G
NorthFin’s Tropical Sticks are perfect for feeding your large South and Central American tropical fish. Each floating stick is packed with 100% premium ingredients, offering them a perfectly balanced ..
Northfin – Veggie Formula-100G
NorthFin Veggie Formula focuses on the health of your herbivore fish. Unlike other herbivore formulas, NorthFin uses premium organic certified kelp as its main ingredient. Perfect measurements of Spir..
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