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Welcome to AQUAStore, your one-stop shop for premium quality Molly Fish. Whether you're a seasoned aquarist or a beginner, our collection of Molly Fish will add beauty and diversity to your aquarium. Explore various types of Molly Fish, including Black Molly, Dalmatian Molly, and more.

Types of Molly Fish Available:

Black Molly Fish

  • Description: Black Molly Fish are popular for their striking, solid black coloration. They are peaceful and easy to care for, making them perfect for community tanks.
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Dalmatian Molly Fish

  • Description: Dalmatian Molly Fish are known for their unique black and white spotted pattern. They are hardy and thrive in various water conditions.
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Other Varieties:

  • Sailfin Molly
  • Balloon Molly
  • Golden Molly

Why Buy Molly Fish from AQUAStore?

  • High-Quality Fish: We ensure that all our Molly Fish are healthy and well-conditioned.
  • Live Arrival Guarantee: We offer a 100% live arrival guarantee on all orders.
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Delivery Locations:

  • Bangalore: Fast delivery within 1-2 days
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  • Rest of India: Delivery within 3-4 days

How to Care for Molly Fish:

  • Tank Setup: Molly Fish prefer a well-planted tank with plenty of swimming space.
  • Water Conditions: Keep the water temperature between 24-28°C (75-82°F) and maintain a pH level of 7.0-8.5.
  • Feeding: Provide a varied diet including high-quality flakes, pellets, and occasional live or frozen foods.

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