Alternanthera Outdoor Plant
First compact seed alternanthera is an easy-to-grow alternative to vegetative varieties.Durable carpet of ruby/burgundy foliage is ready to take on any Summer condition including drought and rain..
Coleus Outdoor Plant
Coleus plants are not at all frost-tolerant, so don’t rush to get your plants in the ground. Wait until temperatures remain reliably above 60 degrees Fahrenheit before you move them out in the garden...
Dracaena Golden Milky Indoor P
Whether it is called the Milky Plant for its milk coloured variegations or because the spots are like stars in the Milky Way galaxy, is a valid question. What is obvious is that it is an epic housepla..
Moses-In-The-Cradle Bicolor
Ease of cultivation   Easy to grow plantHeight :it can reach up to 30-50 cm in height and width.Growth: Average, young plants increase by a few cm per year, with age, the diameter of the ros..
Oxalis Triangularis Indoor Pla
Oxalis triangularis bulbs look like small, immature pinecones. When planting a container for indoors, go ahead and crowd your bulbs, spacing them just an inch apart for a full look fast. Just poke the..
Pedilanthus Devil’S Backbone I
Devil's Backbone Plant FeaturesDespite its common name, devil's backbackbone (also called zigzag plant) is a joy to grow. If you have a bright spot, it's a wonderfully easy-to-grow houseplant, purifyi..
Philodendron burle marx Indoor
Philodendron rugosum ..
Plectranthus Forsteri Indoor P
An attractive herbaceous perennial with variegated fragrant leaves in the Lamiaceae family.  The leaves emit a mild citrus fragrance when bruised.  In cold climates, it is typically gro..
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