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HERBAL-FIX-100ml is made from extracts of herbs and is an all-natural antibacterial and anti-fungal for the treatment of aquarium fishes. HERBAL-FIX treats common bacterial infections, fungal infections, cloudy eye, mouth-fungus, open wounds and torn fins. HERBAL-FIX helps in the re-growth of damaged fins and tissues. HERBAL- FIX can be used when adding new fish to the aquarium and also removes the stress and transportation related infections and in case of an infection is suspected, even if not yet diagnosed. Normally some fishes those are purchased from aquarium shops may be carrying diseases at the time of purchase, that are not easy to find out in early stages.

Directions for use:- Add 5ml to every 40liters of aquarium water. Add daily for a week. After a week of continuos dosing, change 25% water. Does not harm beneficial bacteria or biological filtration. Not harmful to live plants at recommended dose. Does not alter pH or discolor water. Safe to use in freshwater, brackish water, marine water and reef aquariums. Can be used when setting up new tank and at the time of transportation.

Usage details : See the description image.

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