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Hemianthus Umborsum Live Aquarium Plant

Hemianthus Umborsum Live Aquarium Plant (10 stems)

Transform your aquarium into a lush, vibrant underwater landscape with the Hemianthus Umbrosum Live Aquarium Plant. Known for its small, round leaves and dense growth, this plant adds a touch of natural beauty and elegance to any freshwater tank. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced aquarist, Hemianthus Umbrosum is a perfect choice to enhance the aesthetic appeal and ecological balance of your aquatic environment.


  • Compact Growth: Hemianthus Umbrosum features small, delicate leaves that form dense clusters, providing excellent ground cover for your aquarium.
  • Easy to Maintain: This plant is known for its low-maintenance requirements, making it suitable for both novice and experienced aquarists.
  • Versatile Placement: Ideal for foreground or midground planting, it creates a natural carpet effect or a lush, green accent in various parts of your tank.
  • Aquascaping Flexibility: Its vibrant green color and compact form make it a versatile choice for various aquascaping styles, including Dutch and nature aquariums.
  • Improves Water Quality: Like all live plants, Hemianthus Umbrosum helps to absorb excess nutrients, reducing algae growth and improving water quality.
  • Oxygenation: This plant contributes to the oxygenation of your tank, promoting a healthier environment for your fish and other aquatic life.

Care Instructions:

  • Lighting: Requires moderate to high lighting (2-4 watts per gallon) for optimal growth. Ensure the plant receives at least 8-10 hours of light daily.
  • CO2 and Nutrients: While Hemianthus Umbrosum can grow without CO2 supplementation, it thrives with added CO2 and regular dosing of liquid fertilizers.
  • Water Parameters: Maintain a temperature range of 68-82°F (20-28°C) with a pH between 6.0 and 7.5. Soft to moderately hard water is ideal.
  • Planting: Plant individual stems in nutrient-rich substrate, spacing them about 1-2 inches apart to allow for spreading. Regular pruning will help maintain its shape and encourage new growth.
  • Maintenance: Trim regularly to prevent overgrowth and maintain desired shape. Remove any dead or decaying leaves to keep the plant healthy.

Enhance the natural beauty and health of your aquarium with the Hemianthus Umbrosum Live Aquarium Plant, and enjoy a thriving underwater ecosystem.

Hemianthus Umborsum Live Aquarium Plant pictures shown are of Submersed Grown Plants in Aquariums under Optimum Plant Growing Conditions.Hemianthus Umborsum Live Aquarium Plant are grown in our farms in Immersed or Submersed Conditions depending on variety. Hence, Hemianthus Umborsum Live Aquarium Plant Leaf Structures may vary from that shown in pictures. When Hemianthus Umborsum Live Aquarium Plant are grown submersed in aquariums under Optimum Growing Conditions as required by the Plant (Light, Co2 and Nutrients) they will get the appearance as shown in pictures. You will get a packet is fully sealed without oxygen and it is safe to travel long distances for 5-7 days. Buying Hemianthus Umborsum Live Aquarium Plant online from aquastore is totally safe, we are delivering you with 100% satisfaction.

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