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GoldenBase Monster Kok Flowerhorn Fish (3-4 inch)

GoldenBase Monster Kok Flowerhorn Fish (Single)

Introducing the GoldenBase Monster Kok Flowerhorn Fish, a truly stunning and captivating addition to any aquarium. Known for its vibrant colors and distinctive nuchal hump (kok), this 3-4 inch beauty is sure to be the centerpiece of your aquatic world. Flowerhorns are renowned for their vivid hues, unique patterns, and energetic personalities, making them a favorite among hobbyists and collectors.


  • Striking Appearance: The GoldenBase Monster Kok Flowerhorn boasts a mesmerizing combination of bright red, yellow, and gold scales with intricate black markings.
  • Distinctive Kok: One of the most notable features of this Flowerhorn is its large, pronounced nuchal hump, giving it a regal and powerful look.
  • Interactive and Intelligent: Flowerhorns are known for their playful and engaging behavior. They can recognize their owners and often interact with them during feeding times.
  • Hardy and Adaptable: This species is resilient and can adapt to a variety of water conditions, making it suitable for both beginner and experienced aquarists.
  • Rapid Growth: With proper care, the GoldenBase Monster Kok Flowerhorn can grow quickly, reaching its full potential size and coloration.

Care Instructions:

  1. Tank Setup:

    • Tank Size: Minimum 55 gallons for one Flowerhorn. Larger tanks are recommended for multiple fish or to provide ample space for swimming.
    • Filtration: Use a high-quality filter to maintain clean water. Flowerhorns produce a significant amount of waste, so a powerful filter is essential.
    • Water Parameters: Maintain a temperature between 80-86°F (27-30°C), pH levels of 7.4-8.0, and water hardness of 8-20 dGH.
    • Substrate and Decor: Use a soft sand or fine gravel substrate. Provide hiding spots with rocks and driftwood, but leave plenty of open space for swimming.
  2. Feeding:

    • Offer a balanced diet of high-quality pellets, frozen or live foods such as bloodworms, brine shrimp, and krill.
    • Feed 2-3 times daily, providing only as much food as they can consume in a few minutes to prevent overfeeding.
  3. Maintenance:

    • Perform regular water changes (25-30% weekly) to keep the water quality high.
    • Monitor water parameters regularly to ensure they remain within the recommended range.
    • Clean the tank and filter as needed to prevent the buildup of waste and debris.
  4. Health and Behavior:

    • Keep an eye out for signs of stress or illness, such as loss of color, lethargy, or unusual swimming patterns.
    • Flowerhorns are territorial and can be aggressive, especially towards other fish. Consider keeping them in a species-only tank or with other large, robust fish.

You will get a single piece of 3-4 inch Humped GoldenBase Monster Kok Flowerhorn Fish. The packet is fully sealed with pure oxygen and it is safe to travel long distances for 5-7 days. Buying Humped GoldenBase Monster Kok Flowerhorn Fish online from aquastore is totally safe, we are delivering you with 100% satisfaction.

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