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Golden Peacock Cichlid Fish

Golden Peacock Cichlid Fish

The Golden Peacock Cichlid Fish, known scientifically as Aulonocara baenschi, is a stunning addition to any freshwater aquarium. Renowned for its vibrant golden-yellow coloration and striking blue highlights, this cichlid originates from Lake Malawi in Africa. Its dazzling appearance and active nature make it a favorite among aquarium enthusiasts.


  • Vibrant Coloration: The Golden Peacock Cichlid boasts a radiant golden-yellow body with iridescent blue accents, particularly around the face and fins.
  • Size: Typically grows to about 4-6 inches (10-15 cm) in captivity, making it an ideal size for medium to large aquariums.
  • Temperament: Generally peaceful but can be territorial. Best kept with other cichlids of similar size and temperament.
  • Lifespan: With proper care, these fish can live up to 6-10 years.
  • Diet: Omnivorous; feeds on a variety of foods including high-quality pellets, flakes, and occasional live or frozen foods.

Care Instructions:

  1. Tank Setup:

    • Minimum tank size: 55 gallons (208 liters).
    • Provide plenty of hiding spots using rocks, caves, and aquarium decorations.
    • Maintain a sandy substrate to mimic their natural habitat.
    • Ensure good water circulation and filtration to keep the water clean and oxygenated.
  2. Water Parameters:

    • Temperature: 75-82°F (24-28°C).
    • pH: 7.5-8.5 (slightly alkaline).
    • Hardness: 10-20 dGH.
    • Regularly test water parameters and perform weekly water changes of 20-30%.
  3. Feeding:

    • Feed a balanced diet of high-quality cichlid pellets or flakes.
    • Supplement with live or frozen foods like brine shrimp and daphnia.
    • Avoid overfeeding; feed 1-2 times daily in amounts that can be consumed within a few minutes.
  4. Tank Mates:

    • Compatible with other similarly sized and tempered cichlids.
    • Avoid keeping with overly aggressive species or very small fish.
    • Monitor interactions to ensure a peaceful environment.
  5. Health Monitoring:

    • Watch for signs of stress or illness, such as changes in coloration, appetite loss, or unusual behavior.
    • Quarantine new fish before introducing them to the main tank to prevent disease spread.
    • Regularly clean the tank and equipment to maintain a healthy environment.

The Golden Peacock Cichlid Fish is a magnificent and rewarding species for any aquarium hobbyist. With proper care and attention, it will thrive and bring vibrant beauty to your aquatic setup.

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