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Blue Diamond Discus Fish

The Blue Diamond Discus Fish is a stunning addition to any aquarium, known for its vibrant blue color and elegant round shape. These fish are highly sought after by both novice and experienced aquarists due to their unique appearance and graceful swimming patterns.


  • Coloration: The Blue Diamond Discus Fish boasts a striking blue hue that can range from light sky blue to deep sapphire, making it a centerpiece in any aquarium.
  • Size: Typically, these fish can grow up to 6 inches (15 cm) in diameter, providing a significant visual impact.
  • Shape: The classic discus round body shape with long dorsal and anal fins adds to its charm.
  • Compatibility: Blue Diamond Discus Fish are peaceful and can be housed with other non-aggressive fish species.
  • Origin: These fish are originally found in the Amazon Basin, thriving in slow-moving, warm waters.

Care Instructions:

Tank Requirements:

  • Tank Size: A minimum of 55 gallons is recommended for a small group of Blue Diamond Discus Fish to provide ample swimming space.
  • Water Temperature: Maintain a stable water temperature between 82°F and 86°F (28°C - 30°C).
  • pH Level: Keep the water slightly acidic to neutral, with a pH range of 6.0 to 7.0.
  • Water Hardness: Soft to moderately hard water is ideal, with a dH range of 1 to 8.
  • Filtration: Use a high-quality filter to maintain pristine water conditions, as Discus Fish are sensitive to water quality.


  • Food Type: Blue Diamond Discus Fish are omnivores. Provide a varied diet consisting of high-quality flake food, pellets, frozen or live brine shrimp, bloodworms, and beef heart.
  • Feeding Frequency: Feed small amounts 2-3 times daily to ensure they receive proper nutrition without overfeeding.

Tank Mates:

  • Compatible Species: Suitable tank mates include other peaceful fish such as tetras, dwarf cichlids, and Corydoras catfish. Avoid aggressive or fast-moving fish that may stress the Discus.
  • Schooling: Blue Diamond Discus Fish are social creatures and thrive best when kept in groups of 5 or more.


  • Water Changes: Perform regular water changes of 25-30% weekly to maintain optimal water quality.
  • Tank Setup: Provide plenty of hiding spots using driftwood, plants, and rocks to mimic their natural habitat and reduce stress.

Health and Wellbeing:

  • Observation: Regularly observe your fish for signs of stress or disease, such as changes in color, appetite, or behavior.
  • Quarantine: Quarantine new fish before introducing them to your main tank to prevent the spread of disease.

Conclusion: Blue Diamond Discus Fish are a beautiful and rewarding species to keep, offering vibrant colors and a peaceful presence in your aquarium. With proper care and attention, these fish can thrive and become a stunning highlight of your aquatic environment.

You will get a single piece of 1.5 inch Blue Diamond Discus Fish guppy fish. The packet is fully sealed with pure oxygen and it is safe to travel long distances for 5-7 days. Buying Blue Diamond Discus Fish online from aquastore is totally safe, we are delivering you with 100% satisfaction.

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