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Heteroclita Bolbitis on Metal Pad Live Aquarium Plant

Enhance the beauty of your aquarium with the Heteroclita Bolbitis on Metal Pad Live Aquarium Plant. This stunning aquatic plant is perfect for both beginners and experienced aquarists, adding a touch of natural elegance to any tank. Grown on a durable metal pad, the Heteroclita Bolbitis is easy to place and maintain, making it an ideal choice for creating a lush, green underwater environment.


  • High-Quality Aquatic Plant: The Heteroclita Bolbitis is known for its unique appearance and hardy nature, making it a popular choice among aquarists.
  • Easy to Place: Grown on a sturdy metal pad, this plant can be easily positioned in your aquarium without the need for additional support.
  • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal care, making it suitable for both novice and experienced aquarists.
  • Versatile: Can be used in various types of aquariums, including freshwater, planted, and aquascaped tanks.
  • Natural Aesthetic: Adds a touch of natural beauty to your aquarium, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your aquatic environment.

Care Instructions:

  • Lighting: Moderate lighting is ideal for the growth of Heteroclita Bolbitis. Avoid placing the plant in direct, intense light as it may cause the leaves to yellow.
  • Water Conditions: This plant thrives in slightly acidic to neutral water with a pH range of 6.0-7.5. Maintain the water temperature between 20-28°C (68-82°F).
  • Placement: Position the metal pad on the substrate or attach it to rocks and driftwood. Ensure it is securely placed to prevent it from floating.
  • Fertilization: Regularly add liquid fertilizers to provide essential nutrients. CO2 supplementation is beneficial but not necessary.
  • Pruning: Trim any dead or yellowing leaves to promote healthy growth. Regular pruning helps maintain the plant’s shape and encourages new growth.
  • Water Changes: Perform regular water changes to keep the water quality high, ensuring the plant remains healthy and vibrant.

Additional Tips:

  • Acclimation: Gradually acclimate the plant to your aquarium’s water conditions to prevent shock.
  • Algae Control: Keep an eye on algae growth and take steps to control it, as excessive algae can hinder the plant's health.

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