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Artemia Seperator Nets

Artemia Seperator Nets

Artemia separator nets are specifically designed to enhance the process of separating Artemia nauplii (commonly known as brine shrimp) from their incubation water. These nets are an essential tool for aquarists and researchers who require pure samples of nauplii for feeding marine and freshwater species. Made from high-quality, fine-mesh material, the nets are durable and effective in capturing even the smallest nauplii without causing harm.


  • Ultra-Fine Mesh: The nets feature an ultra-fine mesh that ensures the separation of nauplii while allowing water and smaller impurities to pass through.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality synthetic fibers, these nets resist wear and tear, ensuring longevity and performance.
  • Non-Toxic Material: Safe for use in both freshwater and saltwater environments, the material does not leach chemicals or affect water quality.
  • Ergonomic Handle: A sturdy handle provides a comfortable and secure grip, making the separation process easy and efficient.
  • Lightweight Design: Designed for ease of use, the nets are lightweight, enabling precise control during the harvesting process.

Care Instructions:

  1. Rinse Thoroughly: After each use, rinse the net under fresh water to remove salt, debris, and any remaining nauplii.
  2. Clean Regularly: Wash the net with mild soap and water at least once a week to prevent residue build-up and maintain mesh integrity.
  3. Dry Properly: Ensure the net is completely dry before storing to avoid mold and mildew growth.
  4. Store Safely: Keep the net in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight and sharp objects to prevent damage.
  5. Inspect Regularly: Check for any signs of wear or damage before use, replacing the net if any tears or deformations are found.

Product Use: Ideal for use in home aquariums, research institutions, and aquaculture facilities, Artemia separator nets are an indispensable tool for efficiently harvesting high-quality nauplii needed for feeding a variety of aquatic species.

With these features and care instructions, Artemia separator nets offer a practical and reliable solution for separating Artemia nauplii efficiently and safely.

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