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Anubias barteri Coin Leaf on Pot Live Aquarium Plant

Anubias barteri 'Coin Leaf' Pot (Small Size) Live Aquarium Plant 

Enhance the beauty of your aquarium with the Anubias barteri Coin Leaf, a stunning live aquatic plant that brings a touch of elegance and lush greenery to any tank. Known for its distinctive coin-shaped leaves, this Anubias variety is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to care for, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced aquarists.


  • Distinctive Appearance: The Anubias barteri Coin Leaf features small, round, and vibrant green leaves that add a unique texture and visual interest to your aquarium.
  • Durable and Hardy: This plant is highly resilient and can thrive in a variety of water conditions, making it suitable for a wide range of aquarium setups.
  • Low Light Requirement: Anubias barteri Coin Leaf requires minimal lighting, allowing it to flourish even in low-light aquariums.
  • Slow Growth: With its slow growth rate, this plant requires less frequent pruning and maintenance compared to other aquatic plants.
  • Versatile Placement: It can be placed in various locations within the aquarium, including being attached to driftwood or rocks, or left potted for easy relocation.

Care Instructions:

  • Lighting: Anubias barteri Coin Leaf thrives in low to moderate lighting conditions. Avoid intense light as it can cause algae growth on the leaves.
  • Water Conditions: Ideal water temperature ranges between 22°C to 28°C (72°F to 82°F). pH should be kept between 6.0 to 7.5 for optimal growth.
  • Substrate: While Anubias does not require a specific substrate, ensure that the rhizome is not buried as this can cause it to rot. It can be attached to driftwood, rocks, or left in its pot.
  • Fertilization: Supplement the plant with liquid fertilizers or root tabs to promote healthy growth, especially if kept in low-nutrient environments.
  • Water Flow: Moderate water flow is beneficial, but ensure it is not too strong as this can damage the delicate leaves.
  • Maintenance: Regularly check for algae buildup on the leaves and gently remove it if necessary. Prune dead or yellowing leaves to maintain plant health.

Ideal Tankmates:

  • Compatible with most freshwater fish, shrimp, and snails. Avoid housing with herbivorous fish that may nibble on the leaves.

Add the Anubias barteri Coin Leaf on Pot to your aquarium today and enjoy the vibrant, natural beauty it brings to your aquatic environment.

Anubias barteri 'Coin Leaf' Pot (Small Size) Live Aquarium Plant pictures shown are of Submersed Grown Plants in Aquariums under Optimum Plant Growing Conditions.Anubias barteri 'Coin Leaf' Pot (Small Size) Live Aquarium Plant are grown in our farms in Immersed or Submersed Conditions depending on variety. Hence,Anubias Barteri Varigated Glabra Pot (Small Size) Live Aquarium Plant Leaf Structures may vary from that shown in pictures. When Anubias barteri 'Coin Leaf' Pot (Small Size) Live Aquarium Plant are grown submersed in aquariums under Optimum Growing Conditions as required by the Plant (Light, Co2 and Nutrients) they will get the appearance as shown in pictures. You will get a packet is fully sealed without oxygen and it is safe to travel long distances for 5-7 days. Buying Anubias barteri 'Coin Leaf' Pot (Small Size) Live Aquarium Plant online from aquastore is totally safe, we are delivering you with 100% satisfaction.

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