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Albino Full Red High Dorsal Guppy Fish

Albino Full Red HD Guppy Fish Breeding Pair (Male and Female)

The Albino Full Red High Dorsal Guppy Fish is a stunning addition to any aquarium, known for its vibrant red coloration and unique high dorsal fin. This guppy variety is perfect for both novice and experienced aquarists looking to add a splash of color and elegance to their tanks.


  • Vibrant Coloration: The Albino Full Red Guppy displays a bright, consistent red color throughout its body and fins, making it a standout in any aquarium.
  • High Dorsal Fin: This guppy features a distinct high dorsal fin that adds to its unique and attractive appearance.
  • Hardy and Adaptable: Guppies are known for their hardiness and adaptability, making them suitable for a wide range of aquarium setups.
  • Active Swimmers: These fish are active swimmers and will bring life and movement to your tank.

Care Instructions:

Tank Requirements:

  • Tank Size: Minimum 10 gallons for a small group.
  • Water Temperature: 72-82°F (22-28°C).
  • pH Level: 6.8-7.8.
  • Water Hardness: 8-12 dGH.


  • Diet: Omnivorous. Feed a balanced diet of high-quality flake food, micro-pellets, and occasional treats of live or frozen foods such as brine shrimp or daphnia.
  • Feeding Frequency: Feed small amounts 2-3 times a day.

Tank Setup:

  • Plants and Decorations: Provide plenty of plants and hiding spots to mimic their natural habitat and reduce stress. Live plants like Java Moss and Anubias are ideal.
  • Filtration: Use a gentle filtration system to maintain clean water without creating strong currents.
  • Lighting: Moderate lighting to showcase their vibrant colors without causing stress.


  • Tank Mates: Albino Full Red Guppies are peaceful and can be kept with other non-aggressive fish such as tetras, mollies, and other guppies.
  • Avoid: Aggressive or fin-nipping species that may harm the guppies.

Health and Maintenance:

  • Regular Water Changes: Perform regular water changes (25-30% weekly) to keep the water parameters stable.
  • Observation: Regularly observe the fish for signs of stress or illness such as faded colors, clamped fins, or unusual behavior.
  • Quarantine New Additions: Quarantine new fish before adding them to the main tank to prevent the spread of diseases.

With proper care and a suitable environment, the Albino Full Red High Dorsal Guppy Fish will thrive and bring vibrant beauty to your aquarium for years to come.

You will get a pair (Male and Female) of Albino Full Red High Dorsal guppy fish. The packet is fully sealed with pure oxygen and it is safe to travel long distances for 5-7 days. Buying Albino Full Red High Dorsal guppy fishes online from aquastore is totally safe, we are delivering you with 100% satisfaction.

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