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Albino Silverado Guppy Fish

Albino Silverado Guppy Fish Breeding Pair (Male and Female)

The Albino Silverado Guppy Fish is a stunning and unique addition to any aquarium. Known for its beautiful silver and white coloration and vibrant red eyes, this guppy is sure to catch the eye of any fish enthusiast. Guppies are popular for their peaceful nature, ease of care, and ability to adapt to various water conditions, making them ideal for both beginners and experienced aquarists.


  • Scientific Name: Poecilia reticulata
  • Common Name: Albino Silverado Guppy
  • Origin: Captive-bred
  • Size: Up to 2.5 inches (6.4 cm)
  • Lifespan: 2-3 years
  • Color: Silver and white with red eyes
  • Temperament: Peaceful
  • Diet: Omnivorous

Appearance: The Albino Silverado Guppy is characterized by its striking silver and white body, which contrasts beautifully with its bright red eyes. The fins are often adorned with patterns and colors, adding to its overall appeal. Males are typically more colorful and have larger fins compared to females.

Care Instructions:

Tank Setup:

  • Tank Size: Minimum 10 gallons
  • Water Temperature: 72-82°F (22-28°C)
  • pH Level: 6.8-7.8
  • Water Hardness: 8-12 dGH
  • Filtration: A good filtration system is essential to maintain water quality.
  • Substrate: Fine gravel or sand
  • Decor: Provide plenty of hiding spots with plants, rocks, and decorations. Live plants are highly recommended as they offer hiding places and improve water quality.

Feeding: Albino Silverado Guppies are omnivorous and thrive on a varied diet. Feed them high-quality flake food, micro-pellets, and occasional live or frozen foods such as brine shrimp, daphnia, and bloodworms. Feed them small amounts 2-3 times a day.

Behavior and Compatibility:

  • Albino Silverado Guppies are peaceful and get along well with other small, non-aggressive fish.
  • Ideal tank mates include other guppies, mollies, platies, tetras, and corydoras.
  • Avoid keeping them with larger, aggressive fish that may see them as food.

Breeding: Guppies are livebearers, meaning they give birth to free-swimming fry. To breed Albino Silverado Guppies, maintain optimal water conditions and provide plenty of hiding spots for the fry. Females can give birth to up to 30-50 fry every month. Use a breeding box to protect the fry from being eaten by adult fish.


  • Perform regular water changes (25-30% weekly) to maintain water quality.
  • Monitor water parameters regularly.
  • Clean the tank and filter as needed to prevent the buildup of waste and harmful bacteria.

Special Considerations:

  • Ensure the tank is well-covered as guppies are known to jump.
  • Observe the fish regularly for any signs of illness or stress and take prompt action if needed.

You will get a pair (Male and Female) of Albino Silverado guppy fish. The packet is fully sealed with pure oxygen and it is safe to travel long distances for 5-7 days. Buying Albino Silverado guppy fishes online from aquastore is totally safe, we are delivering you with 100% satisfaction.

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