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Variegated Devil’s Backbone Indoor Plant

Variegated Devil’s Backbone (Pedilanthus tithymaloides)
Delightfully crooked, zig-zag stems give Variegated Devil’s Backbone its wild, rebellious look and playful nickname. Variegation in shades of chartreuse, yellow and cream highlight the edges of the small, pointed leaves, adding extra appeal to its exotic form. In the cooler winter months, the leaf edges can take on a pink hue. This colorful, succulent shrub makes a uniquely sculptural houseplant specimen. Also called Jacob’s Ladder, or Redbird Flower, the plant can develop tiny red flowers on the growing tips in spring, however they often don’t bloom in cultivation. Grow in a well-draining, light potting mix, and avoid extended periods of extreme dryness, which can cause leaf drop.

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