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Mountain Minnow -1

Mountain Minnow Fish

White Cloud Mountain Minnows are very small, reaching a maximum of only 1.5 inches.

They are shaped like darts, with pointed snouts and slim streamlined bodies. Their dorsal and ventral fins are almost triangular and point towards the back of their bodies.

The common White Cloud Mountain Minnow variety features silver and green scales with iridescent pink and black stripes along the lateral lines. They have red-tipped snouts and caudal fins, with a black dot at the base of their tails. The dorsal and ventral fins are red with white tips.

There are three other common varieties:

  • Hong Kong: This color form features pale gold scales with a blue band on the lateral lines. Their fins lack the white tips.
  • Golden Cloud: This color form is cream-colored with a white band along the lateral lines. Their fins are the same as the standard White Cloud form, but they lack the red dot on the snout.
  • Meteor Minnows: These are selectively bred for long, trailing fins. Their body colors are the same as the standard form, but the fins may be yellow or deeper shades of red.

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