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Moses-In-The-Cradle Bicolor (Potted Plant)

Moses-In-The-Cradle Bicolor

Ease of cultivation   Easy to grow plant
Height :it can reach up to 30-50 cm in height and width.
Growth: Average, young plants increase by a few cm per year, with age, the diameter of the rosette increases by 10-15 cm per season.
Life    Perennial plants. However, approximately 3-4 years after rooting, the plant needs to be renewed.
Temperature    In the summer: 64,4-75,2 ° F, in winter it is better to keep the temperature at least 53,6 ° F.
Lighting    Prefers bright diffused light, especially variegated forms. Can grow near the southern window, shaded by a thin curtain. However, they easily adapt to partial shade, it is possible to grow at a distance of 0.5-2 m from a brightly lit window. When there is insufficient light, the leaves will not have a bright color, and the stems can be stretched.
Soil    For the soil of your own preparation, take: 2 pieces of leaf land, 1 part of coarse-grained sand or perlite, 2 parts of turf ground, 2 parts of peat. Good drainage is required.
Water    In spring and summer, water every 3 days with standing water, the soil should be constantly moderately moist, water stagnation should not be allowed, water should be drained from the pan. In the autumn, watering once a week. In winter, watered no more than 1 time in 10 days.
Fertilizer    In spring and summer 1 time in 2-4 weeks with liquid fertilizer, diluted twice. At too intensive top dressing the plant quickly grows, but the bottom part of stems thus is exposed.
Reproduction    The old overgrown plants can be propagated by apical cuttings, which are rooted in a mixture of sand and peat, at a temperature of 71,6-75,2 ° F the cuttings take root within 2 weeks. It is possible to multiply, separating the lateral shoots with roots, which can be stimulated by regular pinching of the apex. Such offspring should be germinated under the film at a temperature of 68 ° F. The third way of reproduction is a careful division of the rhizome during plant transplantation. The Rheo with monophonic leaves can be spread by seeds.
Features of care    Do not allow water to enter the center of the outlet, in which case the leaves will rot. It is necessary to remove the dying lower leaves in time. The plant does not like drafts or temperature changes that slow down growth.

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