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Product Code: Benebacter+(REMOVES AMMONIA, NITRITE & NITRATES) 50gm
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Plantoz BENEBACTER + contains millions of non pathogenic beneficial bacteria that breaks down AMMONIA and NITRITE in to lesser toxic products that are easily absorbed by plants and filter media. Also removes other poisonous gases to provides a better and healthier condition for your fish and aquatic plants. Use when setting new aquariums, changing water, changing filter media, after medication, after trimming plants or when high ammonia or nitrite level is detected also controls green water naturally. Decomposes organic debris very quick

.Instantly cycles aquarium & ponds
.Enhances BioFiltration
.Accelerates Nitrogen cycle
.Prevents “new tank syndrome”
.Contains Nitrobacter & Nitrosomonas .Can be use for old and new aquariums Assures better water quality for predatory fishes
.Contains Instant Ammonia removers

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